A gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host or a salonnière, held to refine the tastes and increase the knowledge of its participants through conversation; an exchange of ideas; aims to please or to educate; to provoke debate and passion; to amuse and entertain; to converse and engage; to create and express oneself; to inspire and be inspired by.
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a writer who is seeking new avenues to express herself; a lover of arts, fashion, books, movies, plays, music, philosophy and meeting new people; an enthusiast of the 16th and 17th century French and Italian salons given by intrepid and engaging salonnières where guests gathered to discuss a variety of ideas and interests; the Salonnière has always hoped to hold her own modern-day salons and now she plans to do so in a fittingly modern manner (on the Internet, where else?) to converse on all manner of topics that she finds inspiring – and which she hopes you will too.
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a lifestyle ‘apartment’ blog with rooms that incorporate all the things I love which inspire me and fuel my passion for life – travel, books and writing, photography and cool, creative projects; health and fitness, reflections on what I’ve learned and am still learning about life. As the blog expands, I plan to add in other things – such as a conversation salon where I will be holding interviews with people whom I find interesting, a library to hold my stories, galleries for my pictures as I continue to practice my photography, and heaps more!


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Her name is Marilyn Chin and she’s a Virgo on the cusp of Leo, which makes for a strange mixed bag of introversion and extraversion.

Don’t be fooled by all this zodiac talk, though – while she will read her horoscope in the daily paper for a laugh with her workmates, she won’t let her life be run by it – and she certainly won’t pay just anyone to tell her fortune, not unless you’re a fortune teller who happens to catch her on her way out of a secret bar in New York!

She was born and raised in Malaysia and now lives in Western Australia.
She is a gym bunny and a runner and a big fan of Saucony running shoes and cute work-out clothes.

Some of her favourite authors are L.M. Montgomery, Neil Gaiman, Gail Carriger, Agatha Christie, Louisa May Alcott, Ayn Rand, Jacqueline Carey, Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood.

Her favourite artist is Remedios Varo, though she is embarrassed to say she has a hard time remembering her name and always comes up with something like Remedial Varos instead.

She has three sure-fire ways to cure a hangover: 1) A good book, lots and lots of water, and a plate of Thai green curry and rice. 2) Copious amounts of Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers with a nice big English breakfast (minus the baked beans). 3) A lie-down on the sofa with a tall, fresh-pressed juice, lots of sushi and marathon reruns of The Love Boat.

She used to think life’s too short for cooking, but now she’s having a lot of fun playing around with spices and flavours and coming up with her own healthy, yummy recipes. She still prefers a quick recipe over a time-consuming one, though!

She has skydived (twice, over the gorgeous Jurien Bay), bungee jumped in Peru (and sprained her ankle while doing so) and climbed a mountain (Mt Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia). In the future, she is looking at learning how to shoot a gun, climbing more mountains, learning how to pilot a plane and doing a bungee jump without incurring any more injuries!

She wishes she could live in a super cool New York loft, a Parisian garret remodelled as a romantic apartment or a funky flat in Madrid where she could spend all her days writing and her nights hosting dinner parties and literary salons. Failing that, she’s hosting her new ‘apartment blog’ at The Salonnière’s Apartments where she invites you to take a glass of wine, have a nosey around the various rooms and hopes you will enjoy yourself!


  1. Emily

    Hi! I just found your blog because I was doing some research on Kayla Itsines program. I have a question: Yesterday was my Day 1, Week 1, so I am very new to her program. I loved it! But, sadly, I couldn’t finish the workout. I got up to 20 minutes and had to stop because my legs were shaking so badly. What did you do when that happened? Would you just try again with the same workout the next day? Or would you repeat the entire week?

    I know that it can’t hurt to redo the week, but I hate doing that. So I tried it on Monday. I was going to try again on Tuesday to see if I could get all the way through and then finish out the week. I am pretty physically fit from running, but I guess not fit enough. 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    • MarilynChin

      Hi Emily! Welcome to the program! You got up to 20 minutes so that sounds as if you were very close to finishing it 🙂 that’s pretty good!

      And I know what you mean, I thought I was fit with running too but these HIIT workouts really kill!! They’re in another ballgame altogether!

      Since you’re new, I would suggest repeating Week One until you’re happy with your progress or feel sufficiently strong enough to tackle Week Two and onwards! Sorry, I know you don’t want to have to redo the week but that’s what I would do! I wouldn’t actually recommend doing Monday’s workout again on Tuesday, though, as your body would need time to recover. Another suggestion I have is maybe pulling back and spending a couple of weeks just ‘prepping’ by doing half of the exercises she recommends (for example, just doing Circuit One and Two and not repeating them) and gradually easing your way in until you feel confident enough to start tackling the full program.

      Other than that, I’m not really sure what Kayla recommends for this, but these are just my suggestions! Hope it helps and don’t forget to listen to your body and rest whenever you need to! 🙂

  2. Natalie

    Hi! I found your blog while looking stuff up about Kayla itsines workouts and I was wondering if I was doing something wrong today? I’m on pre-training week 3, legs and cardio, and while I was working out I could feel my heart pumping and I was sweating like crazy but I couldn’t feel the burn in my legs! Am I doing something wrong or are squats and those excerises just getting easier for me?

    • MarilynChin

      Hi Natalie! Sorry for the late reply, I have been away from this blog for a while due to personal reasons. I’m not a qualified trainer though so I can’t really answer on this – probably the best person to ask is Kayla herself! 🙂

  3. Terina Adams

    Hi Lovely

    A woman after my own heart. I’ve bungee jumped off the Victoria bridge over the Zambezi, as well as in Australia. Before kids came along I did a lot of adventuring. The wanderlust has not left but unfortunately the binds are a little tight these days. xx

    • MarilynChin

      That sounds exciting! I hope one day you’ll be able to go adventuring again!


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