28 Day Blog Challenge


I’ve just joined Katy Widrick’s 28 Day Blog Challenge – and I am super excited about it!

The deal? To do a sort of February Boot Camp for Blogs – by  “reworking, refreshing and rethinking blogs, social media spaces, community and more.”

It was a funny thing as I was looking up blog media kit how-tos on Google yesterday and came across Katy Widrick’s Media Kit How-To! I was really intrigued by her blog but didn’t have more time to check it out that night. Then this morning, one of my super favourite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers, posted about the 28-Day Challenge which, as it turns out, was set up by none other than Ms Widrick herself!

And they don’t say coincidences don’t exist!

The best thing about this challenge is you don’t need to have a super duper blog to begin with to take part. I gotta admit, I initially hesitated about joining the challenge. I was afraid my blog wasn’t big enough or established enough for this challenge, that I didn’t have enough content or readers to warrant setting up social media links or subscription lists for my blog, etc, etc. I thought to myself, ‘hey, it’s all right, I’m just getting started on this blog,

Then I realised I was being silly and once again was letting my  negative thoughts stop me from doing what I had to do. Like Katy says, anyone can join this challenge – you might have a super-established blog or you might just be starting out on a brand new blog (like  me!). And what I like best is that any one with a blog can join, that the challenge isn’t tailored just to, say, fashion blogs or exercise blogs in particular. I’m game for that as my blog covers a host of different categories!

So I swallowed my fears and joined the challenge!

Some of the things on my list that I’m already excited about getting done:

  1. Just plain old updating my blog with new content.
  2. Reaching out to social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. Reaching out to other bloggers in the community – leaving sincere comments on the blogs I love (I  say ‘sincere’ because I don’t want to be one of those bloggers who only comment on other blogs to get more traffic on their own blog) and joining blogging communities.
  4. Going back through my old blog posts to re-edit where necessary – i.e. grammar, syntax, word flow.
  5. Improving pictures – by creating my personal collection of stock photos to have ready on hand whenever I need them, and also devoting some time to neatly organising and labelling the photos I already have.
  6. Putting up new content – I have sadly been neglecting my Conversations series and need to start getting back to work on that!
  7. Creating a media kit.
  8. Revamping my About page.

And so much more!

Can’t wait to get started – and if you’re joining the challenge too, I am super psyched for you and hope I’ll get to check out your blog too!



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