Writing Wednesday: When I want to Read a Novel, I Write One

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Writer’s Breaks

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I’ve been treating myself in breaks between writing with watching the Royal Opera House’s YouTube ballet videos. They range from performance clips to life in the day of a ROH ballerina to behind-the-scenes rehearsals. The dancers are so amazing and skilled and the productions are an artist’s dream! It gives me inspiration in between my writing and something beautiful to look at. If I ever return to London, a ballet performance at the Royal Opera House is going to be high on my list of things to do.

If I’m not watching videos on YouTube, I’m reading or making myself something yummy to eat. What’s your favourite thing to do on your writing breaks?

Monday Motivation: Be Remarkable

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Artist’s Date: Othello

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A little while ago I spoke about my artist’s date at the Art Gallery of WA. Well, the other day I went on yet another artist’s date and this time it was to a performance of Shakespeare’s Othello at the theatre.


A Conversation with Sarah Taviani of Commas and Ampersands

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Today on the blog, I’ve got an interview with Sarah Taviani! Sarah is the woman behind the blog and bookstagram account Commas and Ampersands. If you don’t already know her, go check out her out! I love her stunning pictures and her book reviews – plus, she’s got some of the best book-related outfits. Everyone dressed up in Hogwarts robes to celebrate the launch of The Cursed Child, but Sarah came dressed as a Golden Snitch! That was a totally awesome move, IMO. Plus, if you go to her Instagram account, you can check out the beautiful GOT dragon’s eggs she makes. I’m blown away by her creativity!

When Sarah isn’t creating dragon’s eggs that the Mother of Dragons would covet or posting gorgeous bookstagram pics, she works at Styles Magazine and also writes in her spare time. Read on to find out more about her!   READ MORE

Writing Wednesday: Find Out the Reasons that Commands You to Write

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Sky Guide App

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It’s National Science Week this week in Australia!

Well, truth be told, it’s pretty much science year this 2016 for me, what with my pledge to read 12 science books this year – a science book a month. Currently, I’m on Gaia Vince’s Adventures in the Anthropocene, which I’m really liking – but more on this in my book reveiw at the end of the month.

For today, I thought I thought I’d share one of my favourite new apps – the Sky Guide app. READ MORE

Monday Motivation: Never Give Up

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Never, ever give up!

Lemon Ginger Tea

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The weather has been rainy and cold here in Perth and I’ve been keeping warm with copious amounts of tea! My new favourite? Lipton’s lemon ginger tea. There’s something so nice and warm and tingly about it, and the infusion of cinnamon it comes with just gives it that little extra oomph! Just what I need to accompany my writing for a cold winter’s day.

A Conversation with Alane Adams

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Alane Adams is one hell of a woman. Not only is she the author of the award-winning fantasy novel The Red Sun, she is also the founder of the Rise Up Foundation which supports kids in poverty through literacy. She can be found visiting schools and libraries, helping get up literacy programs and getting kids interested in reading through activities such as her interactive gaming app, BattleKasterswhich ties in with her Legends of Orkney series (of which Red Sun is the first book) and features some seriously gorgeous graphics and character illustrations!

In addition to that, she’s also the author of two award-winnimg and award-nominated children’s picture books, with a third on its way as well as the second book in the Legends of Orkney series due out in September! Phew! Here on The Salonniere’s Apartments, Alane has very kindly taken time out from her busy schedule to tell us how she does it all. I could not wait to share her answers on the blog and finally the day has come – I won’t say much more, but to read on below! READ MORE