A Conversation with Kodie Bedford

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I’m super excited about sharing today’s Conversation! Kodie Bedford is a fellow West Australian writer and journalist. A freelance writer and filmmaker, she started out as a journalist and producer (among many other roles) at broadcasters SBS and ABC before going on to join MediaRING. She is also a co-founder of the Cope St Collective, an exciting new group of quirky Indigenous artists, writers and other creatives based in Sydney.

Here on The Salonniere’s Apartments, Kodie talks about her career as a journalist, the challenges she’s faced in the mainstream media industry, on writing ‘outside the box’ and what being an Indigenous storyteller means to her. Plus, she also talks about her time working on the set of Thor! 

I’ve truly enjoyed my interview with Kodie. Judging from her answers here alone, I believe she is a super talented storyteller and that we’re going to see big things from her in the future. I’m glad I was able to get hold of her now so I can later say, “I interviewed her when!” I won’t say much more now, except – to find out more about Kodie, just read on!


Writing Wednesday: “I hate writing. I love having written.”

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I feel ya on this, Dorothy Parker!

Book Review: Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

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First up, I want to say how beautiful is this cover of Zen Cho’s Sorcerer to the Crown? Look at that gorgeous black and gold pattern! The cover of the book was the first thing that drew me to it – then the title Sorcerer to the Crown, which totally sounded like my kind of fantasy read – then the name of the author – Zen Cho, how cool is that name? And finally the premise sealed the deal: Zacharias Wythe has recently become Regency England’s first African Sorcerer Royal. But he faces a number of obstacles in his path including England’s declining levels of magic and an internal faction seeking to remove him from his position.  READ MORE

Monday Motivation: The Strength in New Beginnings

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Romeo and Juliet & Radio and Juliet

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Remember when I said I was planning on more artist’s dates, particularly to the theatre? Well, I’ve just been to a couple of recent ballet performances and loving it!

I also mentioned in another post that I’ve been loving the Royal Opera House’s YouTube ballet videos, particularly their rehearsal videos where they go into so much detail behind the tweaking of, say, one turn of the arm or the lifting of a leg just a little higher or lower, or the narrative behind the dance. And I’ve been keen to do see some live ballet again which happily coincided with the fact that the WA Ballet is currently running productions of both Romeo and Juliet and Radio and Juliet on alternate evenings with a discount to the latter if you already have a ticket to the former!

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, dome, ceiling, architecture, Romeo and Juliet, Radio and Juliet, WA Ballet, ballet READ MORE

A Conversation with James Fahy

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James Fahy is a bestselling fantasy author who’s recently released his latest book, The Drowned Tombthe second in his Changeling series. It’s a must-read for fans of Narnia and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children! He’s also the author of the urban gothic book, Hell’s Teeth, with the second in the series, Crescent Moon due out soon. Fahy’s also a regular Instagrammer (or should I say Bookstagrammer!) where he features lots of awesome book pics and snaps of his life in England.  An author who lives in the British countryside and – more importantly – on the edge of the wild moors? James Fahy is definitely living my dream life! So I thought I’d get him on The Salonniere’s Apartments and try to find out how he did it in hopes of emulating him!


Writing Wednesday: The Comfort Zone is Where Great Stories Go to Die

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I was reading an article by entertainment journalist Monique Jones the other day on Tor.com about her work as a consultant with Magic: The Gathering on creating Kaya, a black female ghost assassin. In her article, Jones talks about the importance of inclusive fantasy and the steps creators can take to develop characters of colour (or characters with disability that aren’t just token characters. READ MORE

Reading the Tarot for My Characters

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I’ve just finished working on a scene where a few of my characters get their fortunes told. And I’ve been having a lot of fun researching the meaning of the Tarot cards and figuring out which ones best suit my characters’ story arcs. (It’s been so much fun that I’m actually thinking of getting my own pack of cards!)

Doing Tarot readings for my characters has been a great way of helping me further flesh out their motivations, desires and conflicts because I need to find cards that foretell things like their past (or is it ‘past-tell’ when it comes to the past?), their future, their subconscious realm, their aspirations, the obstacle in their way, their fears and desires and so on.

It’s challenging because I need to find the right cards with the right meanings but also make it that little bit obscure enough that I don’t give away the whole game to my readers just yet – just hints! But it’s such a fun way of finding out more about my characters that I think I should start doing Tarot readings for all my characters in the future! (Pssst – some of my character have very dark fortunes. Lots of cards from the Swords suit and the like. Poor things!)

A Reason for Being: Chapter Twenty-Two

A Reason for Being Serial Fiction Cover

Chapter Twenty-Two

Meredith awoke just before she hit the floor. She slammed against cold marble with no time to brace for impact, and groaned aloud at the pain.

“Somebody,” said the Queen Bee, her voice searing through Meredith’s mind like a dart of lightning going in one ear and out the other, “failed to carry out my orders.”

Meredith’s head was whirling with pain. So was the rest of her body. And she knew it was only going to get worse very, very soon. READ MORE

Monday Motivation: Follow Your Dream

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